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I specialize in Warm Bamboo Massage,Japanese Shiatsu,
Hot Stone Massage,Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue Massage.
I trained in Japan,California and Hong Kong
Call Today - 970-456-8111
Massage Unique Mobile Services
Professional Quality Massages
In the comfort of your Hotel, Home or Office.
All therapeutic massage is custom-tailored to fit each individualís unique situation
I provide Japanese Tatami Mat, music,fragrances, candles, quality massage oil,
disposable sheets and under garments.
To schedule an appointment for massage,
Please call or text and I'll set up a time.
Combining Hot Stone Massage,
Japanese Shiatsu & Deep Tissue Massage
Experience Offers
Only$120 - (90min)
Signature Combination Massage
(unique in town)
Quality Massages
Reasonable Prices
Create a Unique Spa experience.
Couples and Mature Gentleman and Ladies are Welcome.
Fusion Hot Stone Massage
Release muscle stiffness and tension.
Increases circulation
Warms deeper muscles.
Decreases stress and anxiety
Relaxation Swedish Massage
Promotes circulation and lymph movement.
Good for stress-related conditions and chronic pain.
*applies to first time customers only*
Senior 55+ Special
Licensed Massage Therapist
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